I am Trev Wignall and music is my livelihood.

I am a musician based in the Raleigh-Durham area of NC. I studied my craft at UNC School of the Arts and Berklee respectively. My instruments are violin, viola, electric violin, mandolin, guitar, bass, percussion, and synthesizer. I am a freelance musician and music teacher. I am passionate about fashion, gender theory, bicycling, and cooking. I use ‘he/his/him’ pronouns.

Violin & Viola

A consummate performer, I will play my heart out for whatever you need me to. Here’s some of my repertoire.



I love to play for weddings of all kinds and I’m proud to be LGBTQIA+ friendly. When you book me for your wedding day, you can expect me to make your ceremony aurally stunning. See more pieces here.


I provide relaxing and culturally storied ambience for events private and public. Book me to set a tailored atmosphere for your gathering, fundraiser, graduation, etc. Classical, fiddle, jazz, pop, you name it.


I teach music to people ages four and up. My personality as a teacher is relaxed and patient. My lessons are collaborative – I am not bound to teaching classical and often branch out into fiddle, jazz, music theory, improvisation, ensemble playing, and electronics if the student wishes.

Violin & Viola

Having your child study music is a wonderful way to build discipline, patience, and creativity. It is never too late to start learning an instrument as an adult either. My goals for students include personal enjoyment, and the ability to teach themselves.

“Trev has been a wonderful teacher for our eleven-year-old daughter. She’s been seeing him once a week for the last year-and-a-half, and he’s been consistently kind, patient, and caring. She always looks forward to her lessons, even if she isn’t the best at keeping up with her practicing. Trev makes it easy for her to enjoy the experience of playing just for the love of it, rather than playing for mastery or perfection. He doesn’t pressure her and never shames her when she isn’t her best, and rather just encourages her to play and have fun and enjoy. In short, he’s exactly the kind of teacher we were looking for, and we feel lucky to have found him!”

– Amy Mucha


Fiddle music is an excellent way for violin players to find freedom from the written page. I cultivate fluency in improvisation, music theory, and expression.

“Trev is a great violin teacher. He knows his stuff, and has a good feeling for what should be explained to the student at a given stage of learning. There are so many little tricks of violin technique that make a big difference, and he can explain them and demonstrate them well. He is a friendly and personable guy. I recommend him highly.”

Warren Robinette

Music Software

Ableton Live is my primary music production software. It comes with an excellent collection of built-in synthesizers and effects. I teach the fundamentals needed to make music efficiently and intuitively. Students also bring their electronic music to me for feedback and coaching.

“Trev’s teaching style is laid back and technically proficient. I especially like how he is flexible in his approach with me. He can explain things in multiple perspectives that allow me to grasp concepts I don’t understand. I highly recommend Trevor as a music educator. Violin, synthesizer and music theory are areas I’ve studied with him.”

– Mark O’Daniel

Electric Violin

I write music to showcase the electric violin and perform it as ‘Monarc’.


I play violin for recording sessions to provide string parts and solos. I can read from sheet music, charts, and play by ear. Here is some of my work for clients:


I love meeting new clients! I’d love to chat with you about what you might need.